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Atton grinned like a schoolboy. OOH-YEAH "You taste so much better today, gorgeous."

He returned Aren's kiss

... and the screen faded to black. Feeling lonely and somewhat jealous about the two having fun, the screen decided to go on strike for the time being.

Kiss as much as you want, it thought, I'm not going to play nice and watch you lot having fun.


Call me a spoilsport, I won't be displaying this.

Humanoids full of hormones firmly attached to each other.

You don't even care about your surroundings, do you?

See what I mean? You're not even listening.

Pshaw, again.

And again.

Being miffed is perfectly alright for any screen having to display the two of you.

Yes, everybody's got the picture by now. You do mean it. Are you going to stop anytime soon? No?

My encyclopedia says that your likes have to BREATHE to survive.

{{Screen, get back to work! You're on short notice!}}

HAH! Short notice my diodes. And the graphics port you rode in on. You'll never find another screen like me, boss.

{{ ... }}

OK OK OK, I'll pan over to the droid, OK?

HX-20 watched as Sefton sped off into the farmlands. Thank you for this excellent rifle, Mr Slycks, he thought. I shall aid the general public by picking off a few kinraths for target practice. First things first, however.

He found Akkere at the back of Khoonda, mending a worn-out swoop. "Good afternoon, sir. My master sends his regards. Here is a holo message I brought for you."

The tech specialist watched the small, blueish figure of Bao Dur among a clutter of bustling droids.

"Greetings, Akkere. Fifteen years ago, when we first met, you agreed to help me establish..."

"I shall go and busy myself with a little target practice in the meantime, sir." HX-20 said.

"Yes. I send comlink message when I listened to your master."

Accompanied by blaster shots in the far distance, the technician watched the holo. A long time it has been, my friend Zabrak. Yes, I will keep my promise. So full of ideas you are still. Your friend the merciful general, she is here now.

"...if HX-20 hasn't been to Nar Shaddaa yet," Bao Dur went on, "please, remind him how important that part of his mission is. He needs to find..."

"Hey, Akk! Watching holos during work? Did you check the enclave?" a Khoonda soldier called out to him.

"Yes, Janned, everything in place, safely locked and secure. Ready for return of the Jedi."

"...because that mischievous ronto's bum has hidden at least one backup somewhere. I have found traces in different parts of the galaxy and now that I've finished my work on HX, I've set him on the trail. I hope you and your family are well, and maybe we'll meet again someday."

HX-20 returned a short while after. "Is everything in order, sir?"

"Yes, young droid. HX-20, you are called? Have you fulfilled your master's bidding on Nar Shaddaa?"

"Yes, sir, that mission is accomplished. I have the device. What a lovely green face you have, sir."

"Yes, I see. I will contact you as soon as I find traces you are looking for, young one."
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