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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
*Hardcovers ! ugh. hyper inflated price and dimensions - never again
I couldn't agree more with this one though

More news:
Get it dun yer neck! HD3870 XFire Vs 8800GT Sli with benchmarks!!!
And surprisingly (or maybe not to some) AMD has done remarkably well in making XFire actually worthwhile, and it's more energy-efficient than Sli and not even that much more compared to a single HD3870!!!
I still would have liked to see some benchies of a single high-end solution (2900XT or 8800GTX) in there to see how these lower cost dual-card rigs would stack up against the hugely expensive single-card solutions...

And more Micro$oft news too lolz:
XP SP3 pwns Vista SP1
"Still it is not all bad. Microsoft's biggest competition is still, er, Microsoft."
^ Amen to that, all the Vista bashing aside, I don't think M$ is crying because people would rather buy one of their OSes over another one, point is: people are buying it, probably faster than their accountants can count the cash that's coming in[/cynical mode]

And some Sony news that's not a sick joke for once:
Blu-Ray pwns HD-DVDs atm
Maybe the first good news Sony's heard in a while? I hope the Blu-Ray disc makes it though as I'm convinced it's the more superior format (IMO) and the sooner a winner is picked the sooner shops can get rid of having two separate sections in the HD media aisle lolz
Plus that means Sony gets some monies to develop some more good stuff cause the last thing we need is M$ gaining another monopoly in modern technology

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