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"Mmm... What?" Was all Atton managed to say before his attention was drawn off Sefton again, when HX-20 came around the corner carrying a huge box.

"Good evening, Mr Slycks, would you please tell me where I may put my new toolbox? It looks like we'll have to wait for the General's decision before we leave here, and since you told me off, I'll have to find someone else to play pazaak with."

HX put the large container down with no effort, took a quick look around and walked off towards Pato Ado, ominously waving his pazaak deck.

"Good evening, sir. I hope your herd is doing well? Would you care for a game of pazaak, for credits or equipment? Shall we say 200 for starters?"

The old Ithorian nodded agreement: "Yes, yes. I hope you are a worthy opponent." He had noticed HX's large container full of what, exactly? He was going to find out soon enough, all he had to do was to strip this cheeky droid of his possessions. You are no match for my ancient skills, artificial creature. Pure pazaak.


"Thank you kindly for being such a sport, sir. My programming forbids me to exploit sentient beings which is why I shall take no more than three thousand credits that you seem to be able to afford. I shall gladly return for more games, once you have stacked up your account again, sir. Good evening, sir."

Following the smoke around the side of the Vagabond, he found Sefton Slycks. "Hello again, sir. I should like to hand you a little payment for your expenses. Here's two thousand credits for you."
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