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Originally Posted by Negative Sun
And more Micro$oft news too lolz:
XP SP3 pwns Vista SP1
"Still it is not all bad. Microsoft's biggest competition is still, er, Microsoft."
^ Amen to that, all the Vista bashing aside, I don't think M$ is crying because people would rather buy one of their OSes over another one, point is: people are buying it, probably faster than their accountants can count the cash that's coming in[/cynical mode]
It's good to hear that Windows XP SP3 will help improve performance. I hope it's not just an improvement for MS Office though. In any case, it's about time MS put out another service pack for Windows XP. It just annoys me to no end when I think of having to install Windows XP, then SP 2, and then having to download all the stinkin' patches that have come out since SP 2's release. IMHO MS shouldn't go for more than a 12-15 months without a service pack when they are releasing a high number of patches for the OS.

As far as Vista goes, the only reason I have to upgrade is to play DX 10 games. And since not a lot of DX 10 games have come out (that I'm interested in anyway) I'm not in any hurry. And from the looks of things not a whole lot of other people are in a hurry to make the switch to Vista either.

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