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Exclamation Rock Band

Finally, I found a fake music game I like! I love to sing, and Rock band has so much to's amazing. Compared to all the BS Karaoke games I have played in the past, this one is the best because it is pure rock n' roll. Finally, I can match up with all you guitar hero clowns, and lay some vocals down over those crazy songs!

I would like to play online with anyone interested. My gamertag is: Darth Groovy

I did NOT buy the special edition bundle, I got this game just for the vocal stuff. I have a PS2 microphone from karaoke revolution, that looks identical to the Rock Band mic, and works perfectly!

I hit a snag. I HATE Weezer. I am doing solo career on expert, because I actually do sing. Hating Weezer is not helping me get past this crappy song I have to do "Say It Ain't So". I will get through this eventually....along with the Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Maps". I even tried putting in the cheats, but they don't work. Maybe I have to have a guitar, or drum accessory to make that work, because the controller won't do it. I want to do all of the cool songs, but I only have ten to pick from, and I have to unlock the cool stuff....which sucks, because I have to learn how to sing songs that I Weezer...oh gawd how I hate Weezer. The game is fun, but you have to make sacrifices. For example, I would NEVER do a Weezer song in real life....ever. I just want to do NIN, and Faith No More.

Any other Rock Band enthusiasts out there? Post here!
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