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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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Nic stood on the edge of a deep chasm, looking down into the dark seemingly endless abyss, it seemed that he could fall forever if he slipped or jumped. The chasm and Nic were in a dark cold rocky cavern with only a dim glimmer of light coming from behind him.

Nicís face was almost entirely absent of all emotion as he looked down with only the slightest hint of bewilderment in his eyes. He was calm and seemed entirely balanced as his toes hung over the abysses edge.

The sound of whispering came from behind where the light emanated from causing Nic to slowly turn around and face it. As he turned he saw that he stood inside a room made of stone brick walls, the walls were old seemingly ancient as they had began to decay and vines crept through the cracks, moss covered the entire wall giving it a green tint. Looking further along the room he saw a large staircase that led to the source of both the light and the strange intangible whispers.

Nic began to walk down the room over the old stone floors and towards the large staircase, his movements were slow and calm. He began the ascent up to the light source moving like he was half asleep.

Reaching the top he came across an ornate circular table surrounded by four statues of faceless men in robes each holding something different. The first held a compass, the second held a sword, the third a heart and the last held a dagger but it was pointed inward towards itís own body.

Nic walked over to the first statue and looked down at the base of it, he saw some writing on it noticed the word ĎGuide. He then turned to the second and saw the word Guardian. As he was going to turn to the third statue he heard a scream coming from the statue and saw a Stone that glowed, blue, green and red all that same time in the middle.

He couldnít explain why but he felt compelled to reach over and touch it, like it was calling out to him as, or pulling his hand like a tractor beam. As his hand made contact with the stone his mind was suddenly flashed with images, sounds and emotions each lasting no more than a second each. He saw and people in dark blues robes, young women and men fighting, Sith lords and many planets. He felt love and hate as each image passed through his mind, the flashes happened so fast he was unable to comprehend individual visions.

Suddenly one image stuck in his mind, it was a young attractive woman he had not met, the womenís image lingered in his mind as if to burn it into his memory.
__________________________________________________ ___

Once he got back on the ship Nic did what he said he would and had a shower but decided to go to bed after. It had been two months since he had slept in a bed and was not hanging from a wall or on a stone floor.

Nic eyes opened as he laid on his bunk, he slowly sat up and looked around his room curious about the strange vision dream he had just had.
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