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" I knew you could overlook mistakes of the past but I still needed to hear it." Aren smiled a little. " I'm glad I didn't take you with me though. The True Sith make the Sith we fought look like gizkas. I've never seen a more cunning and ruthless enemy. The way they can slither into your mind..." she shutters at the memories." Kreia's mind games were a warm up compared to them. How could a Jedi NOT get corrupted by it. It was truly intoxicating and that's what haunts me. Naturally when I start to get over the events at Malochor 5 I throw myself into another epic nightmare. Revan was right to send me away, especially after that ni..... ANYWAY...You really waited for me all this time , Flyboy? How's your Jedi training ?" she raised her eyebrow.

you can find me here since I have left LF :
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