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"I'm doing great! I'm a master swordsman now, I've even learnt to use the force to aid me in battle. And I still pick the odd lock or two. Waiting... Waiting for you... Yeah, part of me was, it was like I wasn't complete without you. For a long time after you'd left, I was like one of those mindless droids with a dead brain and a handful of twil... NEVER MIND... say, did you miss me?"

HX-20 was approaching Atton and Aren. "Madam General, Mr Rand, if I may..."

"No, you may NOT," Atton returned sharply. "Leave us alone, we have a lot to talk about. None of your business. Why don't you go and save the Republic? Or the whole Galaxy, for a change?"

"Protocol override: No, sir."

"NO? Hey, I just gave you an order, HX-20. Obey."

"Protocol override: No, sir. Your order is exceedingly silly, rash and shows signs of incompetence. I will not obey."

"Just leave us alone, OK?" Atton said, calming himself. Once HX was out of earshot, he turned to Aren: "Remember what I told you? They break, in the head.
So, again, did you miss me?" he teased her.
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