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" Whatever do you mean by that ? " Aren tried to play dumb." Your my heart. I lost it for awhile but I'm very glad to have found it again. Did you know Revan and I grew up together. He was my best friend. He was so sure he had to go to war. How could I not follow him. Yes I loved him but he always had a soft spot for Bastila. I'm not gonna lie. Things happened when I was away from you. I was under the control of the True Sith and I did something I'm not proud of. However it was the image of you that saved me. I know I had a Force Bond with Kreia but I think I have one with you as well.You were there from the beginning of my reentrance into the Force. How could we not have bonded, both of us so lost. I understood Revan's bond with Bastila cause I have that bond with you. It saved me from things getting to out of hand. So thank you for annoyingly getting in my head and staying there. I thought I could find peace by helping Revan defeat the Sith but I didn't. Only with you do I find peace. Go figure, I find peace in our adventures together."
Bastila's face saddened. " Master Vandaar was her teacher before he was killed on Kataar. Then Master Vash before her death. I'm beginning to think she feels like she's a curse to any of her Masters. She feels anyone who trains her, dies."

"Well what else am I supposed to think. My two previous Masters are dead and your very ill." Raven piped in.

" They had nothing to do with each other. Their deaths were because of Sith not you and my illness is not your fault." Bastila replied.

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