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Originally Posted by madhorizons
I am having a problem with kse 3.3.3 and KOTOR1.
Also, when I try to go from South Beach back into the Temple Exterior, the autosave just hangs there on this same file (at about 15-20%) and doesn't do anything.

I am having the same problem, and I searched around the net and this board and no one seems to ever answer this question.

I installed this game and tried the editor on my savegame (I am on lower city of Taris btw). Everything worked fine up until the point I tried to leave the screen and the autosave shows up and hangs there on the load screen. I tried to deactivate the autosave using the options on the game but it tries to autosave it anyway. Please can anyone help? Btw, I dont have any mods installed. Thanks.
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