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Crystal Island

Part 1
First Adventure

Chapter 1
Two friends

Cory was stumbling around with his rusty old wooden oar madly trying to control the boat while Mike scanned for a safe place to get off the boat. The water lapped dangerously at the sides of the boat swaying them side to side as the two friends tried to stay on.

Coryís long and filthy trousers were stained and his hair soaking wet. His brown hair was now black because of the water and he could hardly see what he was doing as his fringe sagged infront of his army green eyes. Mikeís short ginger hair and taller outline made him look like the brave one out of the two. He carefully looking for a place to get out.

"Cory, thatís going to be no use, we canít row in a storm!" Mike shouted at his friend urgently swinging one foot of the boat causing it to go to one side. Cory dropped the oar accidentally mouthing a swear word and rolling back down bashing his head on the side of the boat as it capsized.

"Big mistake Mike!" he cried loudly as he tumbled down and then they slipped into the freezing cold water.
Mike's head popped up first coughing up the water in his mouth like he was having a fit. He frantically caught his breath and then he looked around wildly.

ďOh bl**dy hell where is he? Oh crap, whereís the bag, whereís the bag?" he shouted frantically as tears began to appear in his eyes. Lucky thing Cory was a good diver. He was already underneath swimming down with speed determindly. He grabbed the heavy bag and swam up with might. His head popped up and Mike sighed with giant relief. His friend was alive, and they still had their small possesions. It felt like a giant ton of weight lifted of his shoulders at this news.

"Is that, land over there? It donít look like no desert island, it could be populated!" shouted Mike with curiosity swimming a bit further.

Cory squinted; he had water in his eyes. He rubbed it out quickly.
"Looks like it, on the map there was nothing listed here" he mumbled.
"Well we canít be that far off track, letís make for it before we drown and die and who knows what the hell will happen!" was Mikeís loud reply over the waves that crushed down on top of them frequently.

Cory and Mike made it as fast as they could inland. Trying to run in the water proved useless to them to they continued to swim instead. Cory was struggling with the bag and Mike began to move on ahead. He gave him a hand as the friend he was and they moved alot quicker. The waves were crashing down on their backs freezing them more but that didn't stop them one little bit. These two teenagers were not quitters.

Then, at last they found wispy soft sand under their feet and in between their toes. They could now walk inland. Cory and Mike were too cold and tired to move and slumped on the beach in exhaustion.

"Some fishing trip...Ē sighed Cory and the two fell asleep on the shore. They were not alone.

Later in in the day a pack of odd goblins found the two boys slumped on the beach sleeping like no end. They were a dark jungle green colour, equipped with large wooden mallets and had pointy ears.
"I says we kill em' master, fresh blood and all!" one shouted sneakily.
"No wonder you want to kill these fine fellows, youíre a blood goblin, one of these two would feed you for weeks!" replied the master who was a tall, old and white bearded Goblin.

"Then I'll take one, you can have the other" replied the Goblin licking his lips with hope and pulling a sneer.
"Alright, deal" replied the old goblin wisely stroking his wrinkly lips. "Make his death quick and painless!"
"You know I always do, I'll take the younger one" he said pointing at Cory with a mauled finger.

"This is the largest case of injustice I have ever seen!" cried a female voice from behind. All the goblins including the blood thirsty one backed off. A fairly young girl around the ages of Cory and Mike stood there looking at them. Her long blonde hair streamed behind her bag as she stood there eyeing the little goblins carefully.

"Youíre letting one friend die, and one live!" she complained in a high pitched voice.
"Ahhh" replied the goblins stepping away from Mike and Cory who were still sleeping on the shore through the terrible racket.

"It's... its Rebecca!" one squealed.
"Yeh, do you want me to get Jamie over here to teach you Goblin's a lesson? Beat it!" The Goblin's scattered, even the old bearded one. He was a scheming one.

"Humph" sighed Rebecca walking over to the two.
She kicked Cory and Mike both in the stomach

"Someone's tired!" she laughed in a friendly way. Cory and Mike both woke up moaning and yawning.
"Who the hell are you?" Mike asked rubbing his eyes.
Cory, as the female forager he is, stepped up and rose a hand.

"Names Cory, I've come from across the sea with my servant Mike here!"
"Iím not your servant!" Mike shouted laughing at the same time.
"Half servant, half friend" sighed Cory. Mike grew red and angry, but he knew it was a joke.

"So, who the hell are you?" Cory asked now frowning and folding his arms.

"Me? Rebecca, I live in the village up here, not to say Iím proud of it but Iím your local live saver, lucky for you Cory boy, I saved your life!"

"Yeh, he would have never woke up" s******ed Mike.
"Shut it" replied Cory hissing. "How the hell did you save my life?" he asked.
"Some goblin wanted to eat you" she laughed.
"A what?Ē Ouch! These goblins sound nasty!Ē

"Itís not ouch or nasty, it would be you dead and eaten!"
Mike fell on the floor laughing rather out of control abruptly.
"I dunno what youíre laughing at, if I had not interrupted. You would have become whitebeard's servant!"

"Iím dreaming!" mumbled Mike. "This is all aload of balls!"

The argument continued...

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