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Some nice finds here! VirtualBox in particular looks interesting. Here's some of my favorite programs that haven't been mentioned yet (all of them are freeware):

TUGZip - My favorite compression/decompression program; it can handle a ton of different file types, including zip, rar, 7zip, tarballs (the reason I originally got it), and even bin, img, and iso files.

CDisplay - Calls itself a "sequential image viewer," and what it does is makes it easy to look at a bunch of images in sequence, like a manga or comic; with just one button (spacebar) you can scroll through an image and jump to the next one in line. Also, it makes the picture fill the whole screen, for a more "immersive" experience.

Notepad++ - An alternative to the Notepad that comes with Windows; it has features like spellcheck and column numbering, and will color code html and other coded files when you work on them. It's a lot easier to keep track of what I'm doing in an HTML file in Notepad++ than it is in regular Notepad.

Daemon Tools - Emulates a virtual CD/DVD-ROM drive on your computer; nice when used in conjunction with ISO Buster because you can copy a CD to your computer's hard drive and stick it in the virtual drive, and don't have to worry about damaging the original CD (something I'm a little paranoid about).

ASC Gen.NET - A nifty little program that can convert any image to ASCII. I guess it's kinda like Email Effects, but I hadn't heard about it before... Also, it's completely freeware, so no "nag-ware"...

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