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"I think the bond we share is the reason why I felt so lost when you were away," Atton replied calmly. "But, speaking of Revan, do you think we should try and follow Bastila? I know Sefton is the man if we want to track her down, he's always been very resourceful. If Bastila can be found, he'll find her. Your call, gorgeous," he smiled. "Then again, are you sure you want to go adventuring? I mean, things could get dangerous for such a sweet and tender girl like you. Real dangerous, I mean. Like, you could break a fingernail, or somethin'." Grinning, Atton braved himself for a decent whacking.


In the Vagabond's cargo hold, HX-20 was practicing with vibroblades, adjusting his motivators in between turns. Hack, slash, parry, sidestep, never trust your blaster further than you can throw it. Catch your enemies unawares if you can, he recounted his lessons.
He had sent off an encrypted message to his master from Khoonda, stating his success on Nar Shaddaa and informing him that further traces had yet to be found.

Later, he found Sefton. "Mr Slycks, I think I should go and look for the general and Mr Rand, once again. We are losing precious time. As you know, I am on a mission, too, and I cannnot spend too much time looking for Revan while I have more important things to do."

HX left the Vagabond and walked towards Khoonda, once again.
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