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Originally Posted by Daft Adidas

Only one impossible thing? But I want my story to have lots of weird and impossible things. Isn't that ok. :P

Yeh, sorry for the VERY vague description on the giant ship. I will work on this stuff.

Well done on all of your work, and for taking the time to review everything.

As an example DA, assuming somekind of space travel is possible, you have the original pilot of Star Trek, where the 'odd element' is the Talosians. Or Star War with 'jedi powers'. But as you go on you build on it. lots of weird and impossible things are acceptable; if the items I had mentioned were done spread out through the book, it would not have struck me as I mentioned.

As for the speed of the ship that is mere physics. the larger the item, the harder it is to accelerate.

As for the dialogue, I tend to use the trick my mother taught me of vocalizing it from both sides. It is weird, but it makes the dialogue flow better.

And it is a lot of fun on a crowded bus. You get more room to spread out very easily...

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