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Well, it was a rainy day in Washington

Well, Seattle, Washington has been notorious for years as being a really wet and rainy city. Well, these last few days and what is sure to be the next two or three, Seattle will live up to it's name.

But anyway, there has been a ton of rain, lots of accidents, flooding, roads turned into rivers. And it's been constantly raining everywhere for the last 20+ hours. On Saturday it snowed, then it melted, then it started raining.

Anyway, for those who care here is a new story about our Governor declaring a state of emergency. I wouldn't go that far, but it has been hella wet.

tl:dr - Seattle... it's been raining a freaking lot.

But anyway, that's not the only reason why I made this utterly boring thread. The interesting part is what happened to my dad today at his work.

So my father works at the technology HQ thingie at T-Moblie, basically where they have a ton of servers and stuff. I've been in their main server room, basically row after row of multi-million dollar servers that make as much noise as a ship engine room and miles and miles of fiber optic and CAT5 cable everywhere.

But basically things started to get bad at his place when the waters started to flood the parking lots around the place. So they contacted the DOT probably and started filling sand bags and evacuating people. My dad stayed to help, so for around 8 hours my dad worked like a construction worker filling sand bags, far from his normal white-collar position.

They had sand bags everywhere in the office building, doors and hall ways and entrances and loading docks were all blocked. So after putting in a ton of labor my dad got to go home. When he got back he called his co-worker to tell him that he got home okay. That's where he learned that the water had broken through and filled parts of the building with two feet of water.

They had a plan to cut out the power if it broke through, but they were too late and the water got to the generators and other power box thingers, shorting everything. So they may have broken a lot of expensive things from this. That's all I know right now, but it'd be nice to get some photos or something, but don't know if that's likely.

tl:dr - $1 million Servers and generators + Water = Bad

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