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Name:Ra-Zaki(a shorthand for his real name)
Species:Half-Human,Half-Dathomir Witch
Age:Approximately 3,000
Look:I'll upload a pic later
Class:Fallen Weapon Master
Weapons:Sith Sword, a double blade lightsaber that splits in two(custom design),a light-scythe, and a cut stock bowcaster...Even Jedi gotta do dirty sometime.Also lost right arm and it was replaced with an unbreakable Force amplifying arm.
Abilities:All Dark Side & neutral techniques.
Personality:Silent....brutal....but after you get to know him very kind and caring.
Biography:Born during KOTOR times member of Mythosaur clan.At age nine padawaned to a Twi'lekkian female jedi, whom he loved against code, lived through the years a hermit on Kayyyshk. During the Galatic Civil War he was a general whom decided against a revealation of his force powers.After Grandmaster Luke took helm he became Supreme Master of Azatroag(sorry but a planet I made>.<)and soon after married to a Mirulukan clone named Anyss.
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