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Chapter 2
People of the Village
The fight was pretty pointless and self explanitory. Then they decided to go over to this Rebecca girl's house.

Before anything else could happen, someone opened the front door of the small house. It was a very tall boy a little older than the three of them. He had curly hair, and a friendly, smiley and pure looking face.

"New friends?" he asked in a jolly mood.
"Hello brother..." she said with a stern face and hissy voice.
"Sister..." he growled. They both gave each other a mean look and stuck their tongues out at each other childishly.

"Hey you two, whatís your names then?" Jamie asked raising a large hand.
"CORY AND MIKE!" blurted out Rebecca rudely.
"We can speak for ourselves!" Cory blundered.
"Well never...Ē replied Rebecca sarcasticaly. Mike laughed at her over hysterically.
"You have some sense of humour!"
"Wait until you meet Jordan.." she mumbled, laughing at the thought. "Who's he?Ē replied Cory frowning thoughtfully.
"It's a she, and she is nuts" Rebecca said sheepishly.

"Sounds like my type" Mike said licking his lips jokingly.
"But sounds more like mine" said Cory butting in.

"Mother, make extra bread we have visitors!" Rebecca hollered.
"Oh good" the mother shouted back in a high tone.

The house was very small, it consisted of a hall, two small bedrooms and a kitchen and lounge jumbled together. It was more like a hut, but only real rich people could afford a proper house on Crystal Island.

"Bread? Yummy" replied Mike rubbing his running on empty belly.
"Donít worry Mike, thereís plenty to go round" said Jamie chuckling in his low voice.

The food was laid out. Then Jamie screamed:

"FEAST!" then everyone dived into their food and every crumb on their plate to the delicious crispy tasting salad.

Everyone's belly was full and they had enough for now.
"That was lovely bread! Thank you!" he said with a smile, laying back in the chair lazily and ruffling his hair.
"Oh itís a pleasure Cory, your bellyís full?" the mother asked. She was also very tall, sweet and kind.
"Defiantly!" Suddenly the front door burst open, the lock unclicking and snapping tumbling onto the disgusting carpet. A shadow crept along the girl's face like a tiger as she stood in the doorway still. A smirk was across her face. She had fairly long light brown hair at shoulderlenghth that was curly. She wore red dragon rimmed glasses that went well with her dark eyes.

"Who has the bread? Give bread Iím hungry!" she said quickly and forcefully her lips curled.
"We have some left...Ē said Jamie slowly picking it up. The girl stepped forward and grabbed it, shoved it in her mouth greedily and bowed.

"Thank you very much, nice bread bye!" She zoomed out of the hut slamming the door behind her.
"Who the flip was that?" asked Mike amused but baffled.
"That was... Jordan" said Rebecca laughing herself slightly.
"She took the bread..." moaned Mike in a baby voice.
"Awe pity" replied Cory in a young mummy voice.

"Question time" said Rebecca staring at Cory and Mike.
"Fire away" sighed Mike feverishly.
"Where did you two come from?" she snapped.

"We came from Platinum Fields, the other side of the ocean; we got lost on a fishing trip" replied Cory sadly, almost in a distant dream as she spoke the words.
"Platinum fields eh? We went there for a holiday" replied Jamie and Rebecca's mother half interestingly.
"It's alright, gets boring" grumbled Mik grumpily.
"That is why we went fishing" said Cory making a good point nodding to his friends.

"So, what is this place?" asked Mike. "This, Island thing."
"This is Crystal Island, the tides and currents make it hard for people to get to us, but you somehow got here" replied Jamie heartily shuffling his seat and leaning forward onto the table.

"Anything we need to know about our surroundings?" Cory asked ready to hear some replies.

"It's a giant island, lots of goblins, dwarves, giants, wolves and other odd species you'll come across. Many mountains, volcanoes earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. Many bad men, wars and everything. It's quite exciting, but living in this village is safe, except if you crash into Jordan..."

The whole group chuckled with smiles across their faces...

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