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Kadis took a long look. He was somewhat surprised. There was nearly no knowledge of Exile on the surface, other than that it was many miles underneath the surface. But he had been expecting an empty, dead land, with a handful of feral humans eking out existences on what food they could find.

For a moment, Kadis was pleasantly surprised. Then he realized how very small the world seemed to be. An intense claustrophobia clawed at him. Subtle noises, amplified by the general quiet around him, prickled at him from all sides.

My god, what have I done? I sent people down here...

Exile had been touted as the Great Answer, the solution to the problem of 'Soft' crime. Crimes that were considered grave, like theft, murder, conspiracy, generally were quick and merciless, a quick trip up the gallows. Exile was used for grave crimes that did not warrant death by the 'kind hearts' in the Imperial Aristocracy. In the underworld, they would die far out of sight of their tender sensibilities.

The fear and the guilt slowly began to die down to a quiet voice in the back of his mind. Standing here and moping here about the horror of his fate wouldn't help him at all. He became aware of a painful hunger in his gut, one that had probably been present for hours, but shifted aside from his fear and anger. Not particularly surprising, the Empire had kept him on starvation rations for the duration of the journey to the Capital and his trial. He headed toward the building the pale man had mentioned. Any food would be better than starving. Right?
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