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“Mmm, something smells good,” Cloud said as he sauntered into the common room. But seeing Sam stirring what was in the large wok-style pan, he frowned. “I thought you said you couldn’t cook?”

“I can’t.” Sam turned her head and gave Cloud a wink. “But I’m not bad at stiring.” She then nodded towards the corridor. Beryl and Conn were approaching. “I was just babysitting Beryl’s creation while she went to get patched up. Dangerous things these veggies, eh sweetie? So…” Sam glanced askance at Beryl. “Did the Doc fix you up?”

Beryl’s eyes shifted from Sam to Cloud to Conn and then back to Sam. She didn’t answer right away, then wiggled her bandaged finger in the air. “Bacta patch.”

“Ah.” Sam waved a hand over the pan and sniffed the air. “Do you think the veggies need any more seasoning?”

Beryl knew that Sam was covertly asking if she needed another shot of brandy and she gave a guarded look at Conn. “No,” she answered Sam as she sidled up beside her to take over the cooking. “No more seasoning.”

“Ah. Good.” Grinning, Sam handed Beryl the spoon. “So, sweetie, I guess we’re ready to eat now?”

Beryl nodded and while she started to get the food ready to serve, Sam went over to the shipwide comm. “Chow!” she announced loudly. “If you’re hungry, come and get it! If you’re not, more for the rest of us!”

“You know, Sam, there’s this little thing in the comm box called an ‘am-pli-fi-er’ that makes your voice louder so that people can actually hear you quite well when you decide to use the shipwide button,” Cloud commented deadpan.

“I shouted for the dramatic effect,” Sam responded.

“And the added sophistication, no doubt.” Cloud shook his head. “Sam, has anyone ever told you that you’re a bit… odd?”

Sam took a moment to consider. “Once or twice. Why?”

Cloud sighed. “Nevermind.”

Beryl was carrying the food over to the table just as Teser made his way into the common room. Beryl gave him a look as he sat down, but didn’t say anything until she seated herself. “So?”

“He said he’d do it, but he didn’t sound very happy about it,” Teser replied cryptically.

Beryl shrugged. “He’s probably ticked off with you for the same reason I am.”

“Who?” Sam asked brazenly.

“Our brother Rayne,” Teser answered. “And I don’t understand why you’re angry, B,” he said to Beryl. “Thought you’d be happy to see me alive.”

Beryl’s eyes narrowed. “I am. But…. how is it that you were able to contact Jana but didn’t see fit to contact any of your own family to say that you were alive and well?”

“Look, I told you, I wasn’t in a position to….”

Beryl put her hand up. “Just drop it. I don’t want to hear any more lame excuses.” She looked at Conn. “When everyone gets to the table, sir, we should probably go over our plan for infiltrating the Imperial facility at Chandrila,” she said to him. “Have you had time to find out more about those drugs combinations on that inventory list?”

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