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Originally Posted by RoxStar
I highly doubt they use servers that cost more than a million USD apiece...

If they did, I'll avoid investing in T-Mobile :-p

They could've been racks and racks of blade servers though...
Okay, imagine a room that a little smaller than a football field. Then fill it up with row after row of refrigerator sized server boxes. So I'd guess around 30-40 rows of around 20-25 server units each. So we're looking at 600-800 server cabinets, with 5-15 server blades each. Really, it's really freaking big and expensive.

But anyway, for all you blue-collar vs. white-collar whiners, I'm not trying to make a negative comparison between the two. You can have men out in the field making more money than some dude in an office building. I'm just saying it would be like seeing an0 IT dude loading sand bags in a rain storm... and that's what happened.

But anyway, he was on the news indirectly.

If you can even get the video to run he is in two shots of people doing stuff in the rain, I think there are two guys with orange jackets, my dad is in the slightly brighter orange. He didn't have a jacket, so he borrowed one.

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