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Originally Posted by Negative Sun
Mind you Digitimes is also the site that had a list of upcoming nVidia GPUs in the 8-series and listed ones like the 8900 etc...
Are you sure you aren't mistaking a report you read on CustomPC that cited The Inquirer as their source for a report from DigiTimes? I've never known DigiTimes to get something like this wrong and curiously enough the CustomPC article's link to The Inquirer's article doesn't work...

With respect to your comment about NVIDIA jumping on ATI's bandwagon, I guess that that is one way to look at it. Of course if one recalls that an 8800 GT was originally designated as G92 and G92 was given the designation D8P in NVIDIA's new GPU naming convention then it seems logical to conclude that when NVIDIA unveils D9E they'll go with something like GeForce 9800 GTX as the retail name, since it will be based on NVIDIA's 9th generation GPU. Personally I thought NVIDIA should have gone with 8900 GT for G92 but maybe that was one of those things that got messed up with the transition to their new GPU naming convention.

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