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The mess hall was pleasant enough, for a place that had been built in the underworld. A wood table of an odd, mustard-yellow collor was the center of the room, with chairs of the same wood lining it. About fifty chairs total, and given that this was the only apparent mess hall, it must be a rather undermanned fort.

A man was already seated at the front of the table. He nodded at them as they entered the room. He was rather short and sturdy, with short-trimmed hair and a thin beard, and his skin was incredibly pale, like he had never seen the sun in his life. Maybe he hasn't.

"I'm Captain Darien, commander of Fort Exile. Welcome."

He doesn't seem all that pleased to meet you, although the reasons are difficult to tell.

"The food and the first watch should be here soon. Have a seat, and don't expect much. Can't grow a lot down here in Exile, and the meat isn't good stock, or so I'm told."

Kadis took a seat alongside the Captain, as the Captain had indicated. A few minutes later, thirty troopers, just off watch, entered, and the food was brought out. Rather meager portions of mushrooms were on one side, with an unidentifiable kind of bread and a small chunk of green-tinged meat. Kadis tucked in, trying to ignore the taste as much as possible.


Kadis swallowed his bite of the odd meat. "What?"

"Lizard meat. That's where we get it. The only portion of that meal that nobody had to magically alter to make it edible. There are huge numbers of giant lizards all over exile, about the size of horses. We've trained some of them. No horses down here, you see. We eat the rest."

If Kadis hadn't been so hungry, he would have pushed the food away at this point. Instead, he gave the Captain a thin-lipped smile and gnawed on the peculiar bread, hoping Darien wouldn't tell him what in the hell it was made out of.
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