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Baiting posts and their effect on Internet forums

Something I have found to be very much a problem in online forums is baiting posts. I think most people would be familiar with trolls, people who might write here saying how much Star Wars sucks for example. Baiting posts on the other hand are generally subtle enough to escape notice and the first sign of trouble is when the flames start arriving. It might be a condescending tone in a post for example; rather than simply explain why something is wrong comment or infer on the lack of intelligence of the other party, or in a discussion on countries or patriotism saying how stupid something is about a particular country. What usually results is much the same as troll posts with the people who react looking bad and the troll, or baiter, not being seen to be causing the trouble they do. What I feel is needed is for people to know how to spot baiting posts, how to deal with them and ways to discourage this type of behavior, maybe some understanding as to why people might act the way they do when they are baited. Anyone have any ideas on this matter?
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