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He snorted a single, mirthless laugh. "You always were easy to fool, Syscha." he murmured under his breath, his voice so low that he wasn't sure if any other person in the cockpit had heard him. He straightened up again, still not turning to face the other occupants, his eyes still glued to the view screen.

"I have far more power behind me and over her than you could even imagine, Exile." he said softly. "Trust me. When this all comes to an end, you're going to want me there. Just leave her to me - I can handle things."

How long has it been and you haven't even a suspicion, Exile? Could I have faded so deeply into your memories...? The thought was both a comfort and a pain. A comfort to know that he hadn't caused her nearly as much pain as he had feared, and the pain to know that...perhaps he hadn't meant as much to her as he had thought.

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