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Perception of baiting is extremely subjective. What one person considers baiting another person may consider as a direct approach. Baiters act the way they do for a myriad of reasons. However, it's important to realize that it's not the baiter that determines our individual response, it's us as individuals who determine our response. We're each responsible for what we put in our own posts, and just because someone baits doesn't mean we're required to respond.

Here's some very simple ways to deal with this.
a. Use the report post feature for offensive posts. Note that what you consider baiting and what the moderator staff considers baiting may be different.
b. Ignore the baiter and simply don't respond to the post
c. Put the baiter on your ignore list
d. Leave the thread/forum until you cool off and can deal with it more objectively.
e. If you choose to respond, make sure it's not a flame/bait. Double check your post, or let it sit a few hours or days, _before_ you hit the reply button.

Flaming someone who has baited you is against forum rules, so the staff highly recommends that you not flame when you see a baiting post. You are not required to read an offensive post. You certainly aren't required to respond to one.

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