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Originally Posted by tk102
Not to my knowledge. The reason for the limitation is due to the fact that the XBox uses a bunch of .sig files to authenticate the game files. 6 out of 7 of these .sig files were understood by yours truly and incorporated into KSE. Unfortunately, I never did solve the mystery of the SAVE_HEADER.sig, so a full-fledged Xbox savegame editor was never completed.
Oh okay, the editor is great anyway so I appreciate the work you put into it. Does that mean people like Jay FNG and Voxangel and others have access to that info and just aren't sharing it, or did they mod the game in ways other than editing their saves?

One more question: Is there anything I can do to change the name of my character? KSE 3.3.3 seems to corrupt it when I try and I don't really like the name of one of the character I downloaded.
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