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"Kadis Voerman. I saw." He wasn't really in the mood to make friends right now, not with a horde of overgrown lizards waving pikes were breathing down their neck. "I'd love to get to know you better, but frankly, we've got no time."

The armory was poorly stocked, even for what was rather obviously an undermanned fort. A handful of swords, primarily made of crudely-wrought iron, some even made of stone. Kadis grabbed a short, broad-bladed sword and strapped it on, then grabbed a short, thick spear with a leaf-shaped blade. It was well made, the cavewood had a nice feel to it, but the spearhead was, although well-wrought, not a very high-quality iron.

The sounds of battle erupted towards the far wall with the sound of the Exiles loosing arrows at the advancing Slithzerakai army, replied with a hail of javelins, accompanied by the screams of the injured and slain, Human and Slithzerakai alike.

Kadis was getting jumpy just grabbing gear, as the two other men grabbed weapons. "Go! Run!"

The gate guard threw himself on the winch as they approached, pushing with all his strength to lift the portcullis off the ground. It was normally a job for two, as evidenced by the pair of grips, but the portcullis raised, marginally. Kadis ran under the gap, the other three behind him. The door dropped behind them.

Kadis looked at the map, trying to figure out in what direction they were looking. There had to be a way to find their way. Then, he spun around, staring at the river behind them. "There. Follow it, it'll lead us to Silvar, hopefully. The idiot cartographers didn't think to mark THIS fort. Still, I think we're here..." He pointed at a spot against the river, south of Duvno. "Hopefully."
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