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To those of you listing the canonical genders/alignment under "Do not want" (kehe), you might as well bite the bullet and just start accepting it now. Since it's been announced, Lucasarts has made every attempt possible to ram their decision down the fan-base's throat, by publishing it in every official source where they could squeeze in a mention of it (Come on, like the nameless Jedi Exile has any place being mentioned in a book about droids for God's sake). Do you think they would hesitate for a second to finalize it in the third game? Might as well expect that the male, human, lightside, jedi, version of this game is also going to become canonized when all is said and done.

That being said, just like everyone I would love to see some of the possible alternate futures created by combining the last two games and their different endings, but I'm not holding my breath.

Do Want:
  • A development schedule longer than a year. I'm more than willing to wait for a complete product.
  • Mass Effect's breath taking graphics.
  • Mass Effect's character creation process, combining a multitude of physical appearances as well as background story.
  • Mass Effect's style of seemless dialogue options and full PC voice overs. (Are you seeing a pattern here yet?)
  • Cameos. Bring back Carth, Bastila, and the entire gang from both games. I don't care how, just make it happen.

Do Not Want:
  • A new style of play. Tweek it if you must, but KotOR is an RPG, let's keep it that way.
  • George Lucas to stand anywhere within 500 feet of development. Seriously, everything the man touches now turns into...well, the Phantom Menace. Let the fine men and women of Bioware handle things from here, and go back to profiting off it.
  • Grey Jedis.
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