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"Actually, I was planning on surveying the local wildlife, maybe see if one of those lizards can get us a guided tour." As they passed the fort, Kadis turned his head, getting his first sight of a Slithzerakai.

A lot of Slithzerakai, hundreds, maybe thousands. They were everything the captain had described, and more. Huge, rippling with muscle, and standing well above even the tallest and broadest man, each one holding javelins or two-tined spears. They looked somewhat like huge salamanders that stood on their back legs, with skin that varied greatly, although all were some shade of green.

One caught his eye, with vibrant, blue-green scales and piercing yellow eyes, standing head and shoulders above even the largest of the rest of the army that stared at the Fort, holding a huge two-tined spear in his right hand. He could tell the huge Slithzerakai was saying something, but it was too distant for them to hear.

"That's Siss-Thisss."

A group of six Slithzerakai had been moving around the fort, probing for weak points, when they spotted the four standing outside the fort's walls. They raised spears and charged.

"Oh, hell. Run."
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