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Arrgh!! Just when I thought I was almost done (just working on the screen shots), I discovered that some of the head models that I chose for my Echani don't have head gear hooks. I can equip goggles, the stats and modifiers will be applied, but the model doesn't show up on the character's face . Now I have to figure out how to add the hook to the mdl.

Will I need to do some hex editing, or can I merge two mdl's together? So far my hex editing skills are limited to changing the name of the model and bitmap, so I'm not sure where to start.

It isn't a big deal for the Echani if the goggles or masks don't appear on the character in game, but I want to be able to put head gear on my Miraluka (to cover thier empty eye sockets). So far I've been working on Jerec, but there will be more.

Oh well, more learning is in store for me .

BTW, this is what the tats for the second and third female look like now:

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