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Chapter 3

Cory and Mike were exploring this village they had come across with their new friend Jamie excitedly. Rebecca stayed home and helped her mum wash up the dishes and bowls and other household chores.

"So, is there anything exciting about this place at all?" Mike asked sighing with boredom.
"Err yeah" replied Jamie looking a little nervous.
"What's that then" asked Cory eager to know.

"The mountain trek starts here; it takes you way further into Crystal Island. Me and Becca are going soon, every child is told to go on their own journey. When they feel ready.”

"Coh let's go!" shouted Cory enthusiasticlly.
"I suppose we could go for the day with them" replied Mike a little weary of the idea.
"And then come back to this boring old place? Look, we're here now and probably will be for the rest of our lives, so let's go... go and have fun on a journey with these two!"
"Good point" replied Mike lightning up a bit and smiling. Both were excited to start this adventure now.

"Are you two sure? It's dangerous, you can get attacked!" said Jamie warning them.
"I'll kick em in the nuts" replied Mike raising a leg.
"I'm a good fighter” replied Cory blushing sarcastically.

"Alright, it'd be good to have some company!" Jamie laughed deeply.

"So you did find some rats to go along with you!" shouted a voice from high above menacingly. The three looked up. A tall figure was looming over them, standing on the roof of the church. He jumped, did a flip and landed on the floor in a kneeling position.

"I thought this was going to be a blow over, two on two, but at least we'll have some people we don’t know about to face off against!" the voice chuckled from the figure who appeared to me smirking. He had a dark and cloak on, but no hood and he had thin brown hair.

"Who the hell is he?" Mike asked angrily knowing this guy was no good.
"That's Leroy, are sworn enemy!" Jamie said snarling like a fierce dog.
"Where's that stuck up girl you hang out with then?" Jamie asked trying to sound as nasty as possible.

"Right here!" replied a female voice jumping down beside Leroy.
"Hello Emma!" said Leroy with a smirk.
"Tomorrow, the trail starts and we'll be there to stop you getting to Crystal City!" Emma and Leroy jumped backwards onto the church roof which was an amazing sight and disappeared just like that.

"Why are they so horrible to us?" Cory asked amazed at the foulness of the two.
"They seem to think we're getting in their way, but really they're getting in ours..." said Jamie a little sadly.

Rebecca had watched the whole scene.

"What a stuck up pair" sighed Rebecca. "We are so going to stop them and their nasty tricks." With that she walked back to the house.

The adventure has only just begun...

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