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Ace Cole was slouched in the pilot's seat, staring out at the tunnel of hyperspace before him. He had to admit it; he was bored. Deitra had locked herself away in a supply closet to 'meditate', and so Ace had no one to talk to. Not that it would have mattered, really. Deitra had little to no interest in anything Ace knew something about.

He heard the closet door open and immediately straightened up... not so much that he was fully upright, just enough that it looked like he was paying full attention to the controls before him. Then, Deitra Starr entered the cockpit.

"How long?" she asked simply. As usual, Ace chose to complicate things.

"How long were you locked away in a closet?" he speculated. "Four hours. How long was I sitting outside, waiting for you? Two hours." Deitra arched an eyebrow at that, but Ace went on, hardly caring. "How long have I been sitting here, monitoring our hyperspace trip? One hour. How long did I..."

"How long before we reach our destination?" Deitra finally cut in. Ace grinned. He wasn't going to make it that easy.

"How long did I do random other things, tinkering with the ship's capabilities..." he began. Deitra frowned.

"In hyperspace?" she cut in.

"Hey!" Ace objected. "It ain't like I'm messing with the hyperdrive. Just little things. How long? Half an hour." Deitra dropped lightly into the chair beside him, resigned to listening to his babbling. "How long 'till we make it to our destination?" He paused, causing Deitra to look over at him.

"Well?" she asked. He grinned.

"Aren't Jedi supposed to be patient?" he wondered.

"Even the greatest of Jedi can have their patience tried by a hotshot pilot who won't stop rambling," Deitra replied. "And I am by no means the greatest of Jedi."

Ace laughed. "So patience is something you need to work on, then. Maybe it was the will of the Force you got stuck with me."

"And perhaps you need to work on your straightforwardness," Deitra shot back. "Time!"

Ace merely grinned and brought them out of hyperspace. "Right about now," he answered. "Anyone you gotta contact? Let 'em know you're here?"

Deitra frowned thoughtfully. "I was not informed who I'll be working with," she said. "Inform the..." She sensed another Jedi mind, a strong one at that. She closed her eyes for a moment, reaching out with a gentle touch to inform the waiting Jedi that she was there.

"Eh?" Ace wondered aloud. "Dee? What's... oh... you found a Jedi, didn't you?"

"You know, for one who claims to have been sent away from the Jedi as a child for your lack of Force sensitivity, you seem to know a decent amount about Jedi as a whole," Deitra observed. Ace grinned.

"That's 'cuz I've been around Jedi so much," he answered. "As a pilot and such. I'll contact the docking authorities and we'll be down in no time."

The little ship skimmed over the planet and was soon given permission to land. Ace began the descent.

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