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OK, so sometimes while browsing Abandonia I'd notice these games called 7 Days a Sceptic, 5 Days a Stranger, and 6 Days a Sacrifice. I never downloaded them, though, as they seemed pretty morbid. Or... nah, don't remember why.

Either way, after discovering Zero Punctuation and realizing that Yahtzee is also the guy behind the games above, aka the Chzo Mythos, I just had to try them out. OK, so 5 Days was a bit creepy, but manageable. 7 Days was a bit morbid, but frankly I couldn't even be bothered to finish it, mostly because it felt very tedious.

But 6 Days a Sacrifice... God, this was something else. Incredibly creepy just about from the beginning. I've currently gotten nearly to the end, and to be frank, I don't know if I'll even complete the game, or more on to the last installment, Trilby's Notes. The suspense and fear you get from playing that game is just awesome. I seriously found myself scared of entering rooms and turning corners because I was afraid of what'd happen when I did. In fact, and I never thought this'd be possible, I even encountered a line that displaced the 'the ship has a new captain' line and scene from 7 Days a Sceptic as the creepiest ever.:
When the hero wonders if he's hallucinating or something and asks Janine if she's noticed the clean, high-tech subterranean corridor gradually, over the course of several days, magically turning into a disused stone corridor full of blood, and she answers 'isn't it always like that?'.

Heartily recommended. But play 5 Days first, then 7 Days. They're meant to be played in that order.

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