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Hyde walked through the streets of Keldabe, the only place of importance in the Mandalorian community that didn't hold the name of Mandalore. This planet was called Mandalore, the solar system was called Mandalore, the sector was called Mandalore, their leader was called Mandalore. Everything of great importance to the Mandalorians was dubbed Mandalore. One of those strange things that ignored Hyde. He was an admirer of creativity and that was something Mandlorian's didn't have. He on the other hand had plenty of the stuff. Who's else even consider crashing a cruiser onto a planet, just to escape a patrol. Well it was either creativity or balls... or stupidity. Either way, Hyde enjoyed doing what he done and that's all that matters... and getting off this rock so he could more stuff like that. Unfortunately getting off Mandalore wasn't that easy due to strict docking/embankment rules

Hyde needed something to help him get around, he thought a speeder would be best for the job, however he'd have to get his hands on some Mandalorian dosh. Something he needed to steal for the Mandalore's answer to the ATM machine. Using devices he stolen from picket pocketing and breaking & entering, he was able to construct a small gismo which, he hoped would allow him to hack the ATM and give him the money he needed to purchase a speeder.

(Sorry if this seems unfinished however I choose the worst time to start working on my opening post. Next post will be better.)

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