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Originally Posted by Jacen Stargazer
There are? What's the difference? (Of course, since it's the very beginning of the game, I could easily find out myself, but I'm lazy)
Ulgo says something about your past to give the player some background. He says something like, "I know you were a great smuggler/explorer/soldier, your reputation precedes you..." - stuff like that.

But I already knew about that one, I was asking for instances after the Endar Spire.

Originally Posted by Jacen Stargazer
As for if your general alignment affects anything- as far as I know, only conversations with some party members are affected. The biggest affect is that it's basically impossible to do the romance with Carth if you are a dark side female.
Are Carth and Bastila (and their romance options) the only characters that are affected by alignment?

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Also there's some hidden dialogue that you can unlock with a mod. Juhani for example will ask about you and comment on you being a soldier.
Could you tell me which mod? It sounds interesting; I wanna check it out!

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