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"Being a soldier in a warrior culture had its advantages" Mirar thought as he passed the queue to the race track.
"Then again, it has it's disadvantages". Flicking a switch, he hoped desperately he wasn't going to have to "guard" another of the incredibly longish seremonies.

"M, Arnie drank enough ale to kill a rancor, you'll have to be ready to patroll the main road in 40 mins"

"Can't you have Des do it? I have been stepping inn for other people the whole month" True enough, but it had been because of loosing bets, and the captain knew it.

"Des is guarding a wedding, though you could probably take his place if you want."

"Alright, I'll be there after I pick up my pea shooter. Anything happening that I should know off?"

"The com has instructed patrolls to investigate possible smuglig dens, though I have no idea why"

"What! The smuglers have been groving more and more powerfull for years, and now he want us to investigate? Anyone trying to investigate without an army will be blasted into orbit, and he knows it!"

"Some decorated christmas tree went to see the com right before the order came, so he probably didn't have a say in the matter. He did not say anything about how we investigate, so if you where to keep watch of a building from a nearby bar............"

"Got it, I'll let you know if I find something" Flicking a switch, Mirar headed for his favorite bar.
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