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In all fairness it's a very complicated part of moderating forums, to be able to judge whether something is by definition baiting or simply something that is poorly reacted to. On top of that there has to be a balence between leniancy and controlling what occurs on the forums, and let's face it you cannot stop people from doing the wrong thing. You can do what you can to discourage them but you can't, short of banning them, stop them from acting stupid. With that said you wonder why some threads get out of hand and if you look you will see that something that was baiting was what ignited the flame war. As hard as it is to moderate, it is equally as difficult to keep in mind that when you see this to think that the reason they make such posts is to get a hostile reaction. In discussing it I was told one way to deal with it was to think of the people who make such posts as the Comic Book Guy. Fair? I dunno, perhaps some forums could do with a warning about people who would try and flamebait.
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