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Hyde smiled at the currency datapad in his hand that claimed he 50,000 Mandalorian credits, which was more than enough to buy him a decent five person speeder. His device had worked wonders and he had taken a reasonable sized sum. He wasn't exactly sure why he'd need a five person speeder, after all he wasn't five people. He just had a gut feeling that it would come in use in the near future. These sort of gut feelings often got him out of a lot of trouble, so Hyde tended to stick with them.

He entered a garage called Greedo's Speeders, and was met by a machine legged Rodian, something he didn't expect due to the Mandalorians dislike of aliens. He assumed this Rodin did something to earn the Mandalorians respects and it wasn't worth wondering about. The two talked for an hour and Hyde was able to convince the Rodian to show some of his "hidden models". Hyde was brought into an underground room which held several speeders, all of which contained features that were deemed illegal by the ruling government. After a quick talk and explanation, Hyde purchased a speeder with build in rockets and a chaingun hidden underneath the backseats. After the credits were exchanged, the rodian filled out a few papers and Hyde was soon driving his speeder amongst the traffic of Keldabe, Whilst he thought what his next plan of action should be.

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