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"A Jedi must always have his or her designated comm by his or her side. No exceptions" the Jedi noted to Deitra, taking she would've gotten a message if her comm was registered on the Jedi Temple computers. After that he took notice of Ace's question and shook his head.
"The message doesn't say, but the message is usually sent out when the second line of defence is broken. That in turn were no less than half an hour ago" the Cathar said and raised his hood on his head. He looked at Ace and by the look on his face took it that he should explain a bit further.

"The emergency message sequence is engaged after the enemy makes planetfall and gets past the turrets and militia, which is the second line of defence. The first line of defence is a space battle and the third through fifth are different set positions within the Temple which are used in order to buy time for evacuation. Once the emergency message sequence begins, it sends at once a message to stay low. Then the computer will wait for two hours before sending the second message which will order all Jedi underground. After that there is no easy way to gather the Jedi again, as you will have to use Force, and Jedi know if it is a good or a bad person seeking them" Frall said to Ace and

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