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Gotten started on Trilby's Notes, but as I said, it's a gory game and I don't like those.
The part where you had to draw the blinds of the media woman's window to have lightning bolts illuminate her body was interesting, but you really did see it coming. It'd have been far better if you didn't expect her to be dead, for then to see the body (like, if he was in her apartment to search it or something and not expecting her to be home. The second she failed to open the door, I knew she was dead).

The part with the dead body and the diary going from 'unsuspecting to OMG we can't escape to My partner's dead to Awww... it hurts...' is good, but not exactly creative. It drove the story forward, though, in letting you know that you're currently in the future or something, and that there are humans there, as opposed to you having been thrown into some kind of demon world. And, of course, whenever I come across a scene where someone's gotten out a notebook and written 'it hurts' while bleeding to death, it reminds me of a certain Monthy Python scene.

That game machine in the cafeteria with all the wires ripped out and the screen still flashing all white was creepy, though.

William's room!
'I'm sure I saw him. Only he wasn't our captain any more.'
'What do you mean?'
'The ship has a new captain, Dave' [enter murderer, who cuts him down from behind]
That one? Seriously creepy.

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