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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
'I'm sure I saw him. Only he wasn't our captain any more.'
'What do you mean?'
'The ship has a new captain, Dave' [enter murderer, who cuts him down from behind]
That one? Seriously creepy.
I'll say this, that:

Actually, I was talking about William Taylor's bizarre room, with all the severed body parts and blood and stuff, but ALL of the dream sequences I've seen, in all four of the games, have been some of the most ****ing scariest I've seen in video games. Wierdest thing is, no matter how many dreams you see, you still can't guess one when it's coming!

Trilby's a gory game, which is somewhat disconcerting, and not particularly scary, but I would still **** my pants if I was Trilby. I love some of the scenes where you're just walking around and something wierd happens, like Trilby's sprite is replaced by John DeFoe's, or when Trilby somehow appears in Cabadath's (sp?) House.

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