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Lucasforum mods' hypocrisy proven!

Much as I disagree with him, I can well understand Sephira's position.

Because the mods on these boards ARE hypocrites!

Twice now, I've posted to this topic since yesterday. And twice now my posts have been deleted.

Now, I'll accept it the first time to some degree, since I (1) did not add to the discussion and (2) forgot to include a smiley as a carte blache to say whatever I please.

The reason behind this a post that Rogue Nine posted in the discussion of the Bioware/LA partnership in response to a heated debate between lukeiamyourdad and myself.

I both reported the post and PM'ed several mods/admins on it, since I found the comment about "nerd rage" to be inflamatory and condescending content.

However, as you can see, the post is still there, as the mods/admins told me that the smiley made it acceptable, while I maintained that it didn't matter, because the content of the post is flamebait whether a smiley appears or not. YMMV.

However, when I quote Rogue Nine for saying: "The amount of nerd rage in this thread is so thick. xD" in a different topic and then agree with it, after Rogue Nine's own heated debate with Sephira, my posts are simply deleted without comment. And while I accept it the first time for the reasons stated above, I do not the second, since (1) I did include a smiley and (2) I did make several comments that speak to the topic and are to the point.

Yet my post is still deleted. And sadly, I cannot say that I'm surprised.

The only good thing about is, that we now have proof positive of the hypocricy, double standards and bigotry of the mods/admins on these boards!!!

And so we have a class-based board with one set of rules for the mods/admins, and another for everyone else.


Now, the mods have the choice to either accept this and do something about it or else to ban me from these boards, thus proving my point. They have that choice, because I will allow none other and continue to repost this message to as many mods/admins and relevant topics as I feel is reasonable until something happens.

So if you read this and find that I stop posting, you will know what option they chose...


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