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Originally Posted by jediphile
Yet my post is still deleted. And sadly, I cannot say that I'm surprised.
The post was deleted to try reduce the amount of inflammatory posts in that thread. This feedback forum is where those types of posts should be placed.

Originally Posted by jediphile
Now, the mods have the choice to either accept [their hypocrisy] and do something about it
What exactly did you have in mind jediphile? What constitutes "doing something about it" to you?

As Jae mentioned we have had a number of private discussions about the matter. Contrary to popular belief, we are not a monolithic entity with one mind, but we do try to come to common ground in line with expectations laid out in the forum rules and guidelines. The reason we do this is to try to keep the peace in a consistent manner. One of the checks we have is this feedback forum where you and others are welcomed to critique us.

Originally Posted by jediphile
I will allow none other and continue to repost this message to as many mods/admins and relevant topics as I feel is reasonable until something happens.
This on the other hand, is exactly the wrong type of behavior. If you choose to engage in this activity, we will take appropriate action in line with the rules. As Jae intimated, you have been Warned.

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