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Originally Posted by El Sitherino
It's not our fault you're overly sensitive to something that is not an attack.
Just inflamatory, eh?

And of course it's an attack. I will not be goated into letting you sidetrack the issue here by being angry, however.

This is not about being overly sensitive, so please stop trying to obscure the issue. If you dont' want to dicuss this, then you should probably take Jae's advice and not post.

This is about doing what Rogue Nine did and being deleted for it while he was not. Hence: Hypocrisy and double standard.

It's interesting that three of you have now posted to this topic without denying that.

Originally Posted by tk102
The post was deleted to try reduce the amount of inflammatory posts in that thread. This feedback forum is where those types of posts should be placed.

What exactly did you have in mind jediphile? What constitutes "doing something about it" to you?
I expect the same rules to apply to me that apply to Rogue Nine when it comes to posting. The topic where he mentioned "nerd rage" was at least as inflamatory as the one I'm deleted from if not more so. Thus I find it difficult to accept that my posts are deleted, while his was not.

Originally Posted by tk102
As Jae mentioned we have had a number of private discussions about the matter. Contrary to popular belief, we are not a monolithic entity with one mind, but we do try to come to common ground in line with expectations laid out in the forum rules and guidelines. The reason we do this is to try to keep the peace in a consistent manner. One of the checks we have is this feedback forum where you and others are welcomed to critique us.

This on the other hand, is exactly the wrong type of behavior. If you choose to engage in this activity, we will take appropriate action in line with the rules. As Jae intimated, you have been Warned.
Given the horrid standard of moderating I've experienced on these boards, I'm beyond the point where I care whether I'm banned or not. I've long since lost my trust in the mods on these fora for the reasons stated above and numerous times before.

That you resort to simply deleting my posts without even discussing the matter with me is simply below criticism, when I all I did was to do exactly what Rogue Nine did.

Heck, I didn't even do that, I just quoted him and then did not disagree with him.

In that, you are - of course - trapped by your own arguments of the past. After all, since Rogue Nine's comment was never deleted despite being reported as inflamatory several times, you can hardly fault me for doing the same or, as is the case here, less. So whether it's inflamatory or not is, at this point, quite moot, as you've already accepted posts like that, given that you allowed Niner's to stand despite being made aware of its inflamatory nature. And I take the fact that my posts were promptly deleted as confirmation of that fact. That was you people deleting my posts for inflamatory content, certainly not me. So it's impossible now to back up and say that Niner's post was not inflamatory. Either he was wrong, or you were wrong to delete my posts. It's really that black and white... QED.

Want to avoid stuff like this from me in the future?

1. Ban me from these boards. If you do, I'll naturally stop posting, and people will know what hypocritical bigots you people are.

2. Stop deleting my posts when I do not violate the guidelines you have yourself put down by example.

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