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Originally Posted by tk102
You quoted Niner from a completely different thread in order to make your point and IMO to add to the flames. The post was off-topic and not constructive and therefore deleted. We do not have to ask your permission for this as it is clearly stated in the rules under spamming (5a).
Wrong. The first post, perhaps, but the second was definitely on-topic, as I made several remarks Revan's power vs. Sidious'. Now, I cannot show you that, since you people deleted it, but if you find it, you'll see that was so.

Therefore the rule on spamming does not apply. If it did, then it applied just as much to Niner's post as it did to mine. Either we were both right, or we were both wrong. Yet my post was deleted while his was not.

Hence: Double standard. QED.

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