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Chapter 4
The adventure begins

That day Mike and Cory were supplied with everything that Jamie and Rebecca could find them. They were pretty essential for their new adventure.

Cory was fitted with a strong dragon leather belt that would carry all his needs such as, food, water and some daggers and quoits. Quoits are small sharp stars that you throw at people. In his case, they were iron metal and curved. Cory practiced working on his aim and how to throw it without cutting his hand in the process. It was a tough job.

Mike was given a very large cloak. It looked neat. It had a hood that could easily disguise him. It had inside pockets to carry his bow and arrow. He was also practicing with it, which took time.

Jamie had a small cutlass as his weapon. It was very sharp, but sometimes he was afraid to use it incase hurt someone. He had to overcome that large fear.

Rebecca had some light machetes. They were also sharp, but she was good with them and was not afraid to use them! She also had along sword made of fine metal with a pierced edge.

They all slept outside in a tent that night, just to get used to what their nights would be like on their own. That was nothing to what they would face.

The following morning they were up early. They walked through the village towards the start of the track. It was steep, and it led up to the vast mountains. Must have been dozens of them. This track led through, around and over the top of them. It was certainly not easy! The mountains rose over them like giants. They were rocky, diffucult to climb and some snow topped. One stood out, it was so much taller than the rest. It looked extremly dangerous to climb.

Mike couldn't help noticing a figure up high on the tracks. He was also cloaked and gave a sneering look back at them. It was Leroy.

"They're up ahead" hissed Mike quietly.
"Who is" Cory replied in a lower tone.
"Leroy and Emma, letís all run, we can outsmart them I have a plan!"

"Good" said Rebecca smirking. "Get our revenge on those two!" she chuckled.

They ran up the steep and stony track as fast as they could. Their feet were slipping but Jamie was first to make it up. Rebecca followed. Mike got up with no trouble. Cory was on the last rock, but being the smallest he could not shove a foot up. So Mike gave him a hand and he got up.

Mike ran forwards, urging everyone to follow. He climbed onto a high rock and saw the two running round a corner of a cliff. He could see a way where he could ambush them.

"They're probably running off to make a trap, well we'll ambush them!" Mike laughed.

They all jumped down several rocks at quick speed. Trying not to tumble. Jamie almost did. Then they looked far down and they could see the track ahead of them. Round another corner came the two running.

"Fire!" shouted Mike gallantly. He launched two arrows in different directions. The first came soaring down at impeccable speed at landed just in front of Leroy's foot. He looked up and saw one of Cory's quoits coming at him. He didn't wait for his friend Emma and just ran out of sight. The other arrow from Mike pierced Emma's cloak. She didn't notice but Rebecca made a large whistle and Emma stopped running and looked up towards them.

Cory's second quoit came down but she jumped and it missed tumbling down a rock face. Emma ran off also out of sight after her friend.

The team of four jumped down the many rocks onto the small and now cobbled track. Cory picked up one of his quoits and Mike picked up his arrow.

They then moved on, now walking. Suddenly they heard a cracking and smashing sound like thunder. A giant boulder came rolling down from the track up ahead. They heard a shout and a scream. It sounded like it came from Leroy and Emma. It probably flattened them.

Then it came rolling towards them at even faster pace.

"Cory, Mike run back down the track, we'll take care of this!" The two did what they were told. When Cory looked over his shoulder the two were just standing in front of it waiting for it to hit them blankly.

What were they up to?

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