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Originally Posted by Jediphile
I merely quoted Niner. Thus I did nothing to change it.
No you didn't changed the quote but the intent was completely different. I don't think your post was inflammatory for its content (everyone here is a nerd to some extent and several threads are affectecd by "nerd rage") but rather by the context. It is clear to me that it was made with the very specific intent of stirring up some s*** and get a chance to victimize yourself in public. This is exactly what you wanted when you made that post. Don't try to play innocent here. I had enough of that little game. Edit: To clarify, I am not only referring to the case at hand but to a whole situation that has existed since a while. Moreover, every time you are not happy with something, you do not hesitate to call us all sorts of names in your PMs (and as also appears from your post below), sometimes even before getting an answer and that, even if the moderators try to politely explain the situation to you.

As for the original post, we can't be in everyone's minds and delete all remarks that could be subjectively considered offensive by a reader as everything is potentially offensive to some degree. You are the only one who interpreted the post as offensive (other non mod members though it wasn't offensive either). Some people find the religion threads offensive but we won't start closing all the religion threads for that! It's the same principle. "Nerd" is regularly used towards others on the boards and it is hardly an insult when every user here is a "nerd" to some degree.

Because, humor rule #7: Never kill the joke.
Can't say better than that.

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