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Originally Posted by Darth333
No you didn't changed the quote but the intent was completely different. I don't think your post was inflammatory for its content (everyone here is a nerd to some extent and several threads are affectecd by "nerd rage") but rather by the context. It is clear to me that it was made with the very specific intent of stirring up some s*** and get a chance to victimize yourself in public. This is exactly what you wanted when you made that post. Don't try to play innocent here. I have enough of that little game.
I do not try to play innocent, but the fact remains that I posted a comment just like Niner's and made on-topic comments just like him. Yet his post was permitted, while mine was deleted.

Why? How is that reasonable? How is my post against the rules when - as you say yourself - it was not inflamatory for its content? What, I'm not allowed to quote Niner and then agree with him?!?

As for the intent, he posted it to a heated debate where he felt it was appropriate. I did not agree, but the mods did, so I have little choice but to accept it. But when I then do the same to a similarly heated debate, my posts are deleted.

The little game I have had enough of is your attempt here to infer that my post was made in a heated debate where it was problematic, while Niner's was not. That is not true. The discussion between lukeiamyourdad and myself had certainly reached a point where several mods had stated that we should cool down. Was Niner's comment okay in that context? If so, then I fail to see how mine was any different.

True, it was against my better judgment in that I objected to Niner's post in the past. But I don't make the rules, and I merely followed the guidelines that you yourself set down by example, when you said Niner's post was okay. Apparently that was fair enough. Until I do it, that is. Hence we have bigotry, double standards and hypocrisy. QED.

If you're going to set down the rules like that, then isn't it fair that they apply equally to everyone? I don't agree that Niner's comment was okay, but then I'm not a moderator, and I don't make the rules. If that's the board you want, then fine, but I and every other poster must then be judged by the same rules. By allowing Niner's post and deleting mine, you are effectively judging him by a different standard than me. That's hypocrisy of the highest order. Why should any poster here tolerate that?

Originally Posted by Darth333
As for the original post, we can't be in everyone's minds and delete all remarks that could be subjectively considered offensive by a reader as everything is potentially offensive to some degree. You are the only one who interpreted the post as offensive. Some people find the religion threads offensive but we won't start closing all the religion threads for that! It's the same principle. "Nerd" is regularly used towards others on the boards and it is hardly an insult when every user here is a "nerd" to some degree.
Then why can't I repeat that?

Honestly, I find your blatant attempts to villify me rather than deal with the issue in extremely poor taste.

Sure, it's easier and certainly far more convenient to villify me than it is to resolve the matter. After all, you can just ban me and thereby dodge taking the fight among the moderators, but it doesn't change the fact that something stinks here.

My comment was made in exactly the same spirit and context that Niner's was. If you think that's a problem, then okay, but then apply the same standard to Niner, please. Your attempt to rather villify me is frankly below board. Sadly I cannot claim surprise. It's what I've come to expect here.

But it's okay, if you want that. If you insist on continuing the police-state, then at least have the decency to say so that I might seek political asylum elsewhere.

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