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I have to agree to an extent.
My...*Cough* Brother *Cough* had quite a tango with the Moderators on this forum awhile back. He was bant for it. (RedHawke and Darth333 ^-^) He wasn't exaclty in the wrong either. Infact, he went straight to the head Mod and talked with him.
But I have to disagree to an extent aswell. Sephira for example...
Originally Posted by Nikkolas
Darn yoU LS. Why aren't you on when i need your wisdom.

I'm in a debate on the LucasForms KOTOR Forum and this guy is telling me KOTOR Jedi > PT Jedi. He's a total moron but I need the interview in which GL says this about the Jedi.

If anyone has it, thanks a bunch.
Originally Posted by ManSlayer
Give me the link and i will literally tear that guy to ****s. I HATE kotor fanboys.

When ever you have problems with debates out of these forums just post us the links. We will handle it from here and if im not wrong lucas said the prime of the jedi thing in the TPM commentary
Originally Posted by Darth Hord
yeah post the link, i would like to see this.
Originally Posted by ManSlayer
Ok my username there is sephira. I am so going to enjoy ripping them apart. Support is welcomed. Darth sexy and Lightsnake, we need you too.
Sephira was merley on this forum to argue Palpatine being the stongest. That was his only reason for being here. Insitgation.
Thats the link to the KMC forum page were Nikkolas (Who was also bant from this forum...I think...) is rallying his little Palpatine fan-club to come over here and piss everyone off.
People like that deserve to be bant, IMHO. They wern't here because they were KOTOR fans. They were here because they wanted to come onto a KOTOR based fan forum and tell us that they didn't care what we thought, and that their idea was gods word. Thats why after my second post in the "Just how Powerful Was Revan" thread, I stopped posting there. Because I would have just been adding wood to the fire.

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