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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Wrong. You did edit it, and I have the logs to prove it. Please do not deny this and insult my intelligence.
No, you're wrong. I might have edited the post, because I usually type pretty fast and then edit to correct spelling mistakes. But there was a first post that was deleted completely, and a second that was also deleted completely. Don't insult my intelligence by claiming otherwise. Bring you proof. I have no fear of it, since it can only be rope to hang yourself with.

EDIT: Besides, the rules here give me little choice but to edit, since I'm not allowed to doublepost. If you started by acknowledging that I respect the rules in this regard instead of immediately using it as a pretense to clobber me over the head, maybe we could make some progress here.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
You can make all the claims you want. That does not mean that they are correct.
My point exactly. Which means you also get to make no claims as to me intents. The door swings both ways.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Again, I made that comment in jest. If you cannot accept that, I am sorry, but that does not change the circumstances and mindset in which I made that post. The biggest part of your argument is based on the completely false assumption that I made that comment to seriously condescend and flame you and LIAYD. This is simply not the case. I know you'll probably not accept this, but then again, you seem to put very little stock in what others say.
Given my response, I should think I've have surely proven the opposite.

And why exactly must I accept this on your part if you refuse to accept it for me? You made it in jest. Fine. So did I, when I quoted it. Why can't YOU accept that? I ask for the same standard to be applied to both posts. Why is that unacceptable? They are very similar. Either they both violate the rules, or neither does.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
I fail to see how 'd***head' matches in vulgarity to 'nerd'. One is clearly an insult not allowed on our PG-13 boards no matter what the context; the other is a term that many people here have used in self-reference and in reference to others, with no offense taken.
Sophistry. The point you inferred that "nerd rage" was acceptable because I was to take offense. Isn't that enough?

Or let me ask it this way: How many people must find a term objectionable, before you delete the post? 2? 5? 10? 50?

Should we take a vote every time?

Or is it just a matter of whatever the heck the mods happen to feel like at the given time?

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
My comment caused you to make a pariah of yourself based on your wrong interpretation of my message. I am sorry that you chose to do so, but in the end it was your choice to make based on your interpretation and I take no responsibility for that.
Then why do you refuse to see me comment the same way? I didn't like the comment the first time, but everyone told me I was wrong, so I took it to heart and moved on. Now that's apparently wrong too...

I guess I just spoke above my caste, then...

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
In a thread where the staff was dealing with a completely different user with the intent to stir up trouble. You had no place to do that.
You did, so why can't I? It didn't violate the forum rules, after all.

Ah, because you're a mod? Well, double standard...

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Again, your problem, not ours.
That remains to be seen. Indeed, the utter refusal of the mods to acknowledge the problem here is at the very heart of this topic. The continued denial to accept it as such just escalates the whole matter.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
As I stated before, the deletion process was already in motion by the time you edited your post with the on-topic content. I saw it, but was not able to stop the moderator doing the deletion in time. The moderator also removed it completely, instead of 'soft' deleting it. If it had been 'soft deleted', I can assure you it would have been back up there, sans the taunting comments that had originally comprised that post. My apologies for your loss.
So the question remains:

1. Why do mods resort to blatantly delete my posts rather than edit them?

2. Why do they they refuse to talk or even inform me of the matter?

I will not have my posts deleted without reason. Make your case and I'll listen, though I can't promise I'll agree. But just trying to silenty kill me by quietly deleting my posts will only prompt me to fill my mailboxes with angry PMs and post topics like this one.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
If you want to prove a point, there is a PM system with which you could have PMed a staff member about it. Your aversion to them is not a reason you may use to justify posting it in the open.
Ah, now you put your foot in it. You know full well that I posted to several PMs to both Darth333 and tk102 on this very matter.

In short, you're just plain wrong. I DID use the PM system. That especially Darth333 preferred to just ignore me is a big part of the problem here. And yes, those PMs can be produced to prove this.

Thus you're either ignorant or lying when you say I have an aversion to using PMs. If the former is the case, you'd have more credibility if you actually took the time to find out what you're talking about. Your position is totally baseless.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Is this an admission of baiting?
No. But I'll admit that I expected this to happen, even though it was fine for you to do. Clearly what you write is not nearly as important as who is writing...

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
This forum and its moderators do not promote a 'police-state'. I'm sorry if you interpret it as such, but just because you do, that does not make it so.
Actually, that was a yes/no question. Do you have an aversion to simply answering yes or no?


Originally Posted by JediMasterJambi
Its no ones fault that Mod's have flaws. Its human nature. People are flawed, and therfore, so are Mods.
At that one point I have to say that in my opinon, Jediphile should accept that fact.
Oh, I'm quite willing to do that.

It does require that people acknowledge their flaws first, however.

After all, if they will not be reasonable, when these things are pointed out to them, then why should I be? Why should anyone?

Originally Posted by Darth Moeller
Jediphile its our job to interpret the rules and apply them when we think they are being broken.
What rules were broken? I did what Niner did. His posts were not deleted or revised. Nothing in the forum rules states that I cannot quote him in the way I did before I make on-topic comments.

I'll play by the rules, but they must be applied equally and to us all. It cannot be okay that Niner can make an comment about nerd rage and have that accepted, if I cannot then later quote it. That's double standard. It's actually quite plain.

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